Baltimore Flute Choir

Prayer for Ukraine Project

Maryland composer Gregory Pascuzzi composed the poignant flute choir work Prayer for Ukraine: (Молитва за Україну): Meditation on a Theme by Mykola Lysenko in 2022. The Baltimore Flute Choir performed its world premiere at the National Flute Association Convention in Chicago, IL, in August, 2022.

Pascuzzi has generously made this music available without charge, requesting that in exchange for this music, flutists make a generous donation to a Ukrainian relief agency of their choice. Established agencies (Episcopal Relief, Catholic Relief Service, Red Cross, UNICEF) are assisting Ukrainians. Charity Navigator lists a wide variety of reputable organizations providing Ukrainian relief.

To request the score, please complete the form below. We will respond and provide the parts and score. We will keep Mr. Pascuzzi apprised of requests and donations.

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